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  • 09.17.18
    Brett Eldredge - "Love Someone" (The Edgar Cut)
  • 08.10.18
    "Love Someone" (Official Music Video)
  • 10.17.17
    The Long Way (Official Music Video)
  • 06.30.17
    Brett Eldredge - Castaway (At The Ryman)
  • 06.27.17
    "The Long Way" (Airwaves Sessions)
  • 06.06.17
    The Long Way (Official Audio)
  • 05.08.17
    Somethin' I'm Good At (Official Music Video)
  • 06.22.16
    Wanna Be That Song (Official Music Video)
  • 04.22.15
    Lose My Mind (Official Music Video)
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